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Stewart & Tate Industrial Raises Storage Silo

A very challenging but successful silo erection project was just completed by the Industrial Division of Stewart & Tate led by project foreman Evan Hart. Prior to the silo being shipped, our team prepared the anchoring system of epoxy bolts in the foundation. This project involved considerable pre-planning due to it being a “critical” lift– using two cranes and unhooking the rigging using an 80 ft. boom lift.

After writing up the crane plan, we rigged both ends of the tank, standing it up on a trailer before the larger crane moved the silo into place. Once leveled and plumbed, the tank was secured with the previously-anchored epoxy bolts, and a grout ring was installed under the edge of the silo. Finally, the ladder and cage were installed on the side and top of the silo, along with the silo filters and instruments.

Kudos to our team of professionals who closely managed safety protocols throughout the installation!

View video here.