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Stewart Companies COVID-19 Efforts

The impact of COVID-19 has affected business operations globally, and our hearts go out to those who have been affected by the virus. We understand the concerns of our customers, and would like to take this opportunity to share the proactive course of action all of the Stewart Companies business units are taking to protect our customers, employees and families.

COVID-19 Task Force
The Stewart Companies has instituted a task force to focus on sharing updates on COVID-19 news, how to reduce the potential spreading of the virus, and how we are working to keep our operations moving forward. Given the dynamics of this situation, our COVID-19 Task Force continues to review and refine protocols in how we address events as they unfold.

Business meetings, conferences and events that require interstate travel have been postponed until further notice. This policy will remain in effect until we see COVID-19 risks are completely contained. In the meantime, we are using remote conferencing tools to help our employees, partners and customers stay connected.

Travel Restrictions
All Stewart Companies employees are restricted from all non-essential business travel.

Stewart Companies Offices
We have been taking, and will continue to take, increased cleaning and sanitizing steps at all of our facilities, using approved disinfectant products. While we always strive to maintain clean facilities, our efforts have increased with additional precautions for the safety of our employees and visitors.

Office Hours
At this time, all offices and plants will maintain normal business hours, and all staff are available to continue providing you with services and assistance. Should that change in the future, we will post updates on our various company websites (all of which are linked at

For further resources on COVID-19, please visit the CDC website: