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Lewis Contractors Completes Church of the Resurrection

Just one year after breaking ground for the new multi-story sanctuary/offices/classroom addition for Church of the Resurrection, Lewis Contractors and its on-site team of skilled trade contractors were heading to the finish line for the planned March 29th first service, which would welcome the more than 400 member congregation to worship in their long awaited Gothic style sanctuary. Plans had been made for a joyous Easter celebration, and the Anglican Archbishop and two Bishops associated with the Church had travel plans made for the dedication. There was only one problem with the plan—the COVID-19 Pandemic and the resulting closures of houses of worship across the US. That day would have celebrated a multi-year partnership between Lewis and the Church Building Committee, starting with over a year of preconstruction and followed by a construction phase spanning just one year. The first service would have also celebrated signature architectural components: the heavy timber trusses, assembled on site and now soaring to more than 40 feet above the sanctuary floor to support the roof, the nearly sculptural work of the drywall framing for the interior gothic arches, and Flemish bond brick masonry atop the sanctuary’s base of Maryland stone. Erection of the nearly 50’ tall steeple, which had traveled by truck from Utah, took two cranes to complete its placement while traffic along Greenspring Avenue literally stopped to watch its installation. It has been said that the building looks as though it has “been there for years” and, like so many things, will long be remembered for being completed in a year forever marked in our history.

Sitting atop a hill on Greenspring Avenue, the new 22,000 SF church literally rises from the landscape and is garnering attention from travelers more than 50 miles from the site. Many residents in the surrounding area stopped by the office and construction trailers asking when they can visit the church long before it was completed.

The beautiful new church with its traditional arched windows and exquisite wood accented sanctuary, offices, gathering space with its welcoming fireplace and French doors to the covered logia, classrooms, meeting areas and intimate chapel patiently awaits the re-opening of the Baltimore County houses of worship following the pandemic. The celebration is coming and Lewis Contractors will joyfully join the congregation when it happens.

See a video tour of the new addition here.