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Cylburn Nature Education Center Ribbon Cutting

The Cylburn Arboretum Friends (CAF) will celebrate the completion of a new Nature Education Center on Thursday, May 25, at 1 p.m. Speaking at the ceremony are:
• Patricia Foster, Cylburn Arboretum Friends
• Reginald Moore, Baltimore City Recreation & Parks
• Councilwoman Sharon Middleton, District 6, Baltimore City Council
• Delegate Sandy Rosenberg, 41st District, Baltimore City
• Letitia Dzirasa, Deputy Mayor
• Rebecca Henry, Cylburn Arboretum Friends

Cylburn Arboretum Friends started the project of renovating the 1912 Carriage house at Cylburn Arboretum in April, 2022. 1,760 net square feet were added in a new exhibit hall (the barn). The new building, the Nature Education Center, will offer the opportunity to expand horticultural care for the trees and gardens at Cylburn Arboretum, educate future naturalists, and become a hub of learning. Within an architecturally stunning space, beautiful new exhibits will entice new visitors and engage families who have long loved Cylburn Arboretum.

The CFG Exhibit Hall is designed to create opportunities for visitors to learn about the living world at Cylburn, from its old-growth forests to its cultivated gardens. The exhibits encourage visitors to move beyond their everyday encounters with trees and, in so doing, uncover a hidden world. Visitors will gaze up at an exposed root system hanging from the ceiling, look down with a “birds eye” view at a tree canopy on the floor, and peel back the inner layers of a tree like pages from a book. The hope is that this exhibit will pique the curiosity of guests and enrich their exploration of the arboretum, helping them come to a deeper understanding of the complexities of the natural world.

This summer, the CFG Exhibit Hall will be open to visitors on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. The grand opening will be in September, after which point the CFG Exhibit Hall will be open throughout the week.

Prior to the commencement of this project, the estate’s long un-used carriage house had fallen into severe disrepair. CAF is so excited to not only restore the carriage house for new use, but to create a hub of learning for all of Baltimore.

Tyler Tate, President of Lewis Contractors, stated, “We are delighted to have partnered with the Cylburn Arboretum Friends and our colleagues at Ziger | Snead on this transformative project.  The investment the Friends have made at the Carriage House is truly an investment in the future of the Arboretum, and will pay dividends in terms of increased education and awareness in the years to come.”

About Cylburn Arboretum Friends:
Their commitment to the Baltimore community is to support the Cylburn Arboretum through stewardship and educational programming. Cylburn is a public garden with hundreds of specimen trees, gorgeous gardens, and miles of woodland trails. In 1971, when the Arboretum became listed in the National Historic Register, the citation emphasized that “in the fields of science and education the park in the historic district at Cylburn with its numerous gardens, nature trails… provide(s) an opportunity for the study of botany in an urban area.” Visit for more information about Cylburn Arboretum Friends.

Project Team and Partners:

Art Guild
Exhibit construction

Baltimore City Recreation and Parks
Location partners

Cityscape Engineering, LLC
Storm water management

Intreegue Design, Inc.
Landscape architecture

Lewis Contractors
Construction management

Metcalfe Architecture and Design of Philadelphia, along with Sari Boren
Exhibit designers

Zieger | Snead
Project architects