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Building On A Foundation Of Success– Stewart & Tate Industrial Services

Recently, a client called on the expertise of our Industrial Services group to construct a foundation for new equipment in their industrial facility. The challenge was to construct a foundation strong enough not only to support heavy equipment, but it had to be completely solid as to not allow machine vibration to affect the outcome of their process.

Stewart & Tate Steps In…
Our team excavated the foundation area to 12-feet deep. The foundation concrete was poured to 11-feet thick with 6 mats of rebar. The foundation was approximately 115′ long x 32′ wide. We then set C-channel mounts to fasten all of the bolt pocket forms as well as hang/set all of the Sch40 and Sch80 drain lines and conduits.

The main foundation was accomplished in 2 major pours. We also installed forms and concrete for utility trenching along the one side of the foundation. In total, we used over 1,300 yards of concrete for the project.