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Renovations York Airport Terminal

The York Airport is currently embarking on a comprehensive renovation of its terminal building, with the intent of elevating the comfort and overall experience for passengers, flight crews, and visitors. The redesign of the floorplan is focused on better serving the needs of passengers and pilots. Further enhancements include the modernization of the building infrastructure, encompassing superior HVAC systems, contemporary lighting, and state-of-the-art internet service. As part of this revamp, they have integrated a functional café replete with a kitchenette into our design. Restroom facilities have also undergone significant improvements and expansion. The terminal will feature a newly designed flight planning room and a pilots’ lounge, equipped with two sleep rooms for added comfort. An expansive two-story lobby with floor-to-ceiling glass windows will afford magnificent views of the runway and ramp areas, along with housing a wholly refurbished check-in counter.